The Company

Frascio was founded in 1945 as a small workshop. Thanks to a well-planned process of development and research in the field of furnitures and accessories for doors and windows, has evolved into the international company of today. Frascio represents a reality always able to renew itself and to look to the future, thanks to a continuous updating in the field of design, bioarchitecture and innovations, paying special attention to the new processing techniques and to the use of newest ecological materials and finishes.
Renew itself remaining faithful to traditions, maintaining a perfect equilibrium between the productive force of a big company and the wisdom of an artisan gesture in the care of product. The high attention to details in finishes and the range of materials used, represent the uniqueness and the strength of our production.

Quality policy 
Cornerstone of the company policy is the need to "protect customer relationships", providing good quality products, in an organized and punctual way. In order to achieve the Customer Satisfaction, the Management recognizes the need to set up a Quality Management System (QMS).

The QMS hereinafter described, harmonized according to the spirit and the letter of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, is the necessary tool to ensure the achievement of the following objectives:

  • assure the customer that the supplied products are always in conformity with the requirements;
  • choose suppliers that best meet the needs of quality and delivery;
  • ensure that the chosen QMS is implemented, efficient and effective over time;
  • raise awareness of all workers to a knowledge of their responsibilities, tasks to be performed and of the product;
  • reduce system inefficiencies;
  • expand its market;
  • aim for customer satisfaction;
  • propose and implement quality improvement and cost reduction projects.

These objectives are monitored, updated and integrated over time by the Management through meetings with area managers at all levels in the organization chart.
The management identifies the needs and provides each business function with adequate resources, including the assignment of trained personnel for management, performance of the work and test activities, including internal audits of the quality. 
The Management promotes the implementation, improvement and development of the QMS and makes sure that all the quality documents are divulged, understood and shared by all employees and partners. From a qualitative point of view the company aims in the second phase of the industrial project to improve the offer in terms of design and finishes, but mainly to enhance the technical aspect in terms of functionality of mechanical components and durability of the products. 
In every phase of the business plan, remains central the attention to customer needs, to the satisfaction of his expectations in terms of standards of quality, organization and management of accessories services.